This agreement applies to the IdeaV service, hereinafter referred to as the Service.

1. This agreement is concluded between the IdeaV project team (hereinafter referred to as the IdeaV) and any natural or legal person (hereinafter referred to as the User), which should be entitled to use its services in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation and this Agreement.

2. The service is provided to users for educational purposes.

3. The user undertakes not to commit actions, intended to disrupt the operation of the Service and the site as a whole.

4. In order to use the service, a unique Account and database data will be created.

5. IdeaV has the right to block and delete the User Account, including all content, without explanation, in case of violation of the terms of the Agreement.

6. Recognition of the terms of this Agreement, the User in accordance with Russian Federal Law No. 152-FZ «On Personal Data» dated July 27, 2006, acting freely and voluntarily, expresses his consent to the provision of his personal data, including Surname, Contact phone number for their processing and storage to IdeaV.

7. IdeaV commits to take all necessary measures to protect the above personal data from unauthorized access or disclosure.

8. The service is provided by IdeaV «as is». The IdeaV does not guarantee compliance with user requirements, uninterrupted and error-free operation. The IdeaV is not responsible and does not bear any responsibility for direct or indirect damage caused to the user of the service or to third parties as a result of the use or inability to use the information obtained through the service.

9. This consent is valid for the entire period of use by the User of the Service. The User understands and agrees that in case of withdrawal of this consent, he loses the opportunity to use the Service.

10. For all matters not regulated by this Agreement, the Parties are guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

11. IdeaV has the right to change the terms of this Agreement as part of the posting of the amended text on the Internet at

12. Use of data for mass mailings of electronic and advertising messages, as well as coordinated (unsolicited) e-mail messages or newsgroups («spam»). Distribution of information with the consent of the recipient, if possible, rejection of the subscription.

13. The use of services should be carried out only in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation and international laws.

14. For the content of entries created and maintained by users. IdeaV law without prior control over the available and / or disseminated information of users, however, when posting and disseminating such information is contrary to law.

15. Appeals regarding the terms of this Agreement and Technical Support are accepted at the email address