Individual business automation tool
IdeaV is a precise modeller for your business objects, people and processes
What is IdeaV
IdeaV is a web service, like Google, Yandex or mail.ru, where you can store and process your data.

IdeaV is a tool for web development — to construct sites and applications for business.

While using IdeaV, the client starts paying less and getting more, in comparison with traditional software development tools.
App in 15 min (video)
Development steps in IdeaV
We carefully listen to the customer and immediately create the things he describes in our service
1. Entities and links definition
Set up the customer data structure visualized as linked objects
2. Data navigator
Explore and edit the data just like in Excel tables
3. Report builder
Create queries: rules for selecting, creating and modifying the data
4. Template processor
Create workplaces — convenient and clear forms for users
Watch a short video how we make an app in IdeaV
We make a task manager with graphs and pivot tables, and the same way you can create applications you need
What's unique in IdeaV?

IdeaV allows you to use an effective method of project management, in which the deliveries are created and can be used almost immediately, often upon the first working meeting.

In conversation with the customer, we try to show him as quickly as possible how accurately we understand the requirements.

First of all, we draft the general outlines of the future project, as a result of which the customer sees his live data working in the new system.

Further we work out more and more details.
Until recently, we did all the development with the help of a few internal programmers, but now we popularize the service — we teach people to program in IdeaV, developing an ecosystem around it
We make web applications — data management systems, with the help of which our customer can easily and clearly manage their business
You are already on the right track
Join the team and create!
When I first got the ideology of IdeaV, I immediately realized that this product has a great future, it is interesting to teach people and it is very effective to use it. I have never met a development platform that you can learn from scratch in 10 days and start programming for money.
Vitaly Tsegelny, trainer of the IdeaV course
What clients say
Thanks to the specialist from IdeaV for the provided program and instructions and help in mastering it! Of all the offers in our city, this service turned out to be the most flexible. Now, finally, we can store all the information we need about patients in a convenient form, down to the smallest detail.
Physiotherapy room, Izhevsk
I was looking for a CRM system for my small business for a long time and it turned out that I just needed a wider product. Integral combines all the features of CRM, plus it can automate any process, get the right analytics in the right section and follow the developments online — from anywhere in the world. And most importantly — the analyst of Integral spoke to me in my language.
Voronezh,«BM-Tech LLC»
It is amazing how quickly the Integral team has implemented its service in our company. I was skeptical about the promise to "launch and configure everything in 5 days", but after 5 days I really got a certificate of work done for signing. We should separately praise how accurately our requirements were understood and fulfilled. Now all our departments work in Integral, and the business has become much more transparent and easy to manage.
Vladimir, Kulesh
Before Integral, we kept all records in Excel. There was a bunch of plates and files constantly every month had to be updated and erased, it was impossible to find anything after half a year! There is no such problem with Integral: you don’t have to start anything again, for any period all the data is within a minute.
Moscow, Torion Club
Accidentally came across Integral service when it was necessary to keep track of goods in our free buffet. It turned out that Integral is a whole development environment, where we have already moved all our exels and automated a lot of different processes!
I chose a program for a bar in our fitness club, having a small amount at my disposal. Thanks to this program, we now run not only the bar, but also the entire fitness club. We are very satisfied with its simplicity and reliability.
Fitness bar, Nalchik
One case and its solution from our practice
The person runs an educational business, and he sells a franchise — other people all over the country open training centers.

Usually, in this case, the businessman has a whole bunch of systems for running this business: 1C for accounting, AmoCRM for the client base, Trello for setting tasks for employees, EasyFinance for financial control in the company, Talanto for monitoring student success, Bitrix for maintaining a website, a self-written system for franchise management, Talend for integrating it all into a single system, Excel for management reporting, and much more that is needed to store these systems and their data. I’m not even talking about programmers who understand all these systems and demand money for their technical support.

When this businessman shows all this to a franchise buyer, the latter gets scared, turns around and leaves immediately. That is when the businessman comes to us, and instead of all this maze we make a new system — IdeaV, in which he gets everything except accounting. Accounting remains in 1C familiar to all.

As a result, the businessman has only two systems in which he gets everything he needs, and his costs are reduced significantly.
Our recent cases
These are descriptions of the cases, costs and links to demos
Client: Small retail shop (sales and store book)
Pain: Accounting issues: information was stored in paper journals. A computer with 1C was bought, but they could not use it, because it is too difficult to set up and work.
Solution: Employees were taught how to use an online service: information about a product and sales is now available in a phone or computer, and an end-to-end cash accounting is maintained. Throughout the history of sales and store, you can trace any good or cash movement. If someone does something unauthorized, then it is immediately revealed.
$125 per implementation
1 week of development, cost: $1750
Client: Retail more complicated: auto shop or similar
Pain: It is necessary to replace 1C with a simpler and more flexible solution, add some functionality for working with agents, a system of discounts and similar things.
Solution: The retail solution was expanded with standard 1C forms, a system of discounts, pre-orders and other things that the customer wanted to see.

$600 to adapt the app
Add features to the retail application
Client: Fitness club: client base, bar, solarium, personal trainers, tasks, etc.
Pain: Employees were stealing (there was no through accounting for cash and warehouse), it was impossible to analyze the indicators, except for the gross proceeds.
Solution: The club began to save 50−60 thousand rubles per month (now it is impossible to steal), can call customers with offers, fight against outflow, analyze the performance of the club.
5 days of development
Client: Recruiting company: stream recruitment of 200−500 people in a short time.
Pain: Many recruiters were recruited from the street:
 — It is difficult to teach them;
 — large flow;
 — stole the base hh, parried it, which blocked the registration.
There was nothing to show to the project investors.
Solution: Stealing and parsing hh became impossible. The service, which was quite presentable, was made exactly according to the client’s requirements, nothing unnecessary — it was easy to train a low-paid recruiter and not sorry to lose him. Up to 30 recruiters worked simultaneously, tens of thousands of candidates were wooled. (2−3 weeks)
2 weeks of development
Client: Bank reconciliation service
Pain: The existing solution is slow (40−100 seconds for almost any action), not suitable for import substitution.
Solution: An exact copy of the existing service with all the features was made, pages and reports in it are built in a fraction of a second. (2 weeks)
https://habr.com/ru/company/neoflex/blog/451 218/
2 weeks to develop a prototype
Client: Agrofirm. Task management system
Pain: The directors dreamed of a means to control tasks. After catching an employee in the hallway, it was difficult to remember what was happening. Some tasks hanged for months and were forgotten, bringing financial losses.
Solution (time frame): A director was given a remote control that showed the number and status of tasks of his employees, feedback in the task, and a lot of related information (counteragents, contacts, contracts, files, etc.).
4 working days
Client: Network of soccer clubs
Pain: The network organizer has stopped coping with the load of three sites simultaneously. It is difficult to control clients, coaches, visits, coordinate their work and performance. It is impossible to pack a franchise.
Solution: At the first stage, a simple CRM was made, sites, services, trainers were established, a form of registration of visits was made, reports were created. Now the customer understands what is happening and can develop and make a franchise.
1 day for the pilot project
Client: Cheese production
Pain: The owner of the cheese dairy is not satisfied with the quality of its work: marriage of non-observance of technology, confusion with recipes, poor accounting and reuse of materials.
Solution: On the basis of Integral it was proposed to create a system of end-to-end control of "cooking", including physical recording of all events of the process from bookmark to vacation.
Estimate: $11k per project
2 months
Startup: Personal growth system
Idea: By doing 3 cases a day, you can do 1000 cases a year and grow personally. But there is no tool to make yourself — easy and clear.
Solution: A prototype of a service was created for planning the cases by the user with the possibility to get reminders about the necessity to do them.
5 days for the prototype
Client: Construction Contractor Company
Large: Large losses and fines due to inaccurate accounting of materials at the warehouse, project estimates, procurement plans, vacations and consumption of materials. The owner dreams of creating a good solution and replicating it, having connections and reputation in the industry.
Solution: A system is proposed that at the first stage accurately simulates all events, processes and participants of the production process. Then it can be flexibly customized to meet specific customer requirements.
Evaluation of the first stage: $24k
2 months
Client: Language Training Franchise
Pain: The customer holds 25 points in different cities, but when selling a franchise, the buyer is afraid of the complexity of the systems: Talanto, EasyFinance, AmoCRM, Excel, 1C, Trello, Google Calendar. It is difficult to explain, even harder to control
Solution: All systems can be reduced to two: Integral and 1C, while the franchisor gets full control of its clients. In 1C there are only tax unloading and printing forms.
Stage 1: $600 for 2 days
Client: Startups
Pain: When creating a startup, you need to make a certain MVP to test the concept and the first pilot sales.
Solution: A service where a startup can quickly learn how to create a system for itself, hire a person or order this job from an Integral partner.
$1400-1700 per order
3-4 days
Client: Planning system for car holding
Pain: The company collects reports and a plan from 63 dealerships (DCs) across the country, in MS Excel. They are difficult to fill out, check and summarize.
Solution: In 2 days, a prototype, an Excel copy, was made:
1) Data entry sheet with 127 planning articles for 5 years ahead.
2) Input Analysis and Control Sheet for 36 indicators
3) All formulas from Excel have been imported into the service and are now calculated there.
4) Role-playing access for the staff of the Centre
Project estimate: $85,000-110,000 and 1 year
Client: Copy of Bitrix24
Pain: The safety training business used Bitrix as an unfinished CRM, without any integration.
Solution: The ultra-light version of Bitrix was made, but new entities, props, functions, reports and forms were added. The company was able to accurately replicate its business model and reduced the cost of ownership by more than 2 times.
$350 per implementation (1 day)
2 weeks for product development
Our plans
Try & learn
from $27
from $4900
We charge for actual traffic load, based on the number of requests
The price depends on the server load. The free plan is limited to 1GB of data and 20 thousand transactions (for one person, this is about 2 hours of continuous intensive work every day). The Scalable plan uses a regression scale: as the consumption increases, their cost decreases according to the table below.
Operations per month20k50k200k800k3M12M50M200M800M+
Free plan0
Startup plan$9
Scalable plan$27$81$243$729$2187$6561$19683 per 800M
Allocated storage1GB4GB16GB64GB256GB1TB1TB1TB1TB
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How IdeaV differs from other languages, development platforms and constructors
IdeaV is not a language, it is a constructor *
This is where you assemble an application from elementary parts, just like in the Lego constructor. A programming language is plasticine, you can mold anything from it, but you have nothing in the beginning, except for colored bars and a stack. There are no dice, but there are coding rules and many restrictions. IdeaV immediately gives you cubes so that you do not reinvent the wheel, but use ready-made simple parts.
What is the difference from other constructors
You are not building an application from ready-made functional blocks — you need to make these blocks yourself. But you will get exactly the features that the customer wants. Often, it takes more time to adapt elements of an ordinary constructor than to create the necessary elements in IdeaV from scratch.
If you are using a programming language,
for example, java or python, then you learn classes, methods, lambdas and other polymorphisms with encapsulations for six months. And only after six months, God willing, you will be able to write normal code. At the same time, you will inevitably need to study the development environment — a lot of things that are not directly related to what the software customer pays for. With IdeaV, you can develop applications almost immediately.
* The IdeaV core uses the Quintet data model (QDM)  an innovative data model that describes any data structure as a single interconnected list.
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